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Online Registration Form

CSP Registration Form

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Required Documents

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Police Verification
  • Bank PassBook
  • Stamp Paper
  • Passport Size Photo

Required Infrastructure for SBI CSP Registration

There are a few must-haves that you have to follow which is required for SBI CSP Registration:


  • Have A Shop in 100-150 SquareMeters
  • At Least 4 GB Of RAM
  • Have At Least Two Computers Or Laptops
  • 5 Hours Battery Back-Up Or Portable Generator Set
  • Biometric Scanner
  • A Licensed Operating System Of Windows 7 Or Above
  • Two Printers (Inkjet + Dot Matrix).
  • A Hard Disk Drive Of At Least 500 GB
  • Internet Connectivity

Thank you for you Submission

One of our Team members will get back to you shortly on the previously provided information.