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Welcome to e-Governance :

E-Governance CSP is known for its great administration in Online Payments for the past 3 years. We offer digital business of micropayments, services and remittances in a ‘real-time’ environment. We are India’s most efficient Payments Solutions Provider.

Want to become a Bank Mitra?

A Bank Mitra is a person selected by GPLF and attached to a bank branch that helps SHGs avail themselves of different services. CSP is likely to create 10 lakh jobs in near future. We are known as All Bank CSP Provider in India.

E-Governance CSP,Top CSP Provider in India, is created to serve the customer with the best, and we are a service provider to many banks. Our aim is to support the lower-income group like workers and labourers who do not have a savings account due to documents problems.

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Why should you open your Bank CSP account through E-Governance CSP?

E-Governance CSP is the most trusted and renowned business correspondent and a technology service provider, bank csp provider, to many Indian banks. We are committed offering to multiple banking services to the people in India.

We provide you with several beneficial reasons for opening a Bank CSP account through us:

  • Getting a range of professional and devoted banking services.
  • Every money need would be taken care of.
  • Lead a hassle-free life by investing your money in a range of lucrative schemes.

Our company mainly focuses on functioning as an agent and a representative of any bank and is devoted to offering premium banking services.


Why is CSP a great business opportunity in 2022

What is CSP?

Customer Service Point (CSPs) provides services like a mini bank. Where we carry out limited transactions and sourcing of business. It would help the customers to conveniently withdraw and deposit money.

Why should I open CSP?

Bank Mitra or CSP works as a representative of the Bank. Here, you would get a fixed salary irrespective of the bank, and also get ample commission.

Become a CSP Agent Today!

Apply today and Grab this great opportunity to become Bank Mitra for multiple banks

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What is Atal Pension Scheme?

The Atal Pension Scheme brings security to ageing Indians and at the same time promotes a culture of savings and investment among the lower and lower-middle-class sections of society. One of the most significant benefits of this scheme is enjoyed by the poorer sections of society and would help them in times of need.

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